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The multi-purpose swipe action, responsive slideshow for PCs, tablets and smartphones

Basic demonstration

With captions, links, navigation arrows and slide number indication


'Photon' is a responsive lightbox / slideshow, using minimal jQuery and CSS3 styles, that works in all the latest browsers and platforms.
This is infinitely configurable by means of the stylesheet, from a single inline slideshow to multiple instances and full screen viewing.
The colors, overlays, fonts etc. are also set up in the stylesheet.

Check out the demo above to see how it works in your setup.
If you are using a tablet or smartphone see how it re-sizes when using 'full screen' viewing and when changing orientation.
If you are using a PC then see it resize the images when changing your browser window size.
Further variations are available in the demo links below.

Uses 'swipe' action to move from one image to the next with the option of left/right arrows when viewed on a non touch screen PC.
For IE7+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, iOS, Android OS, tablets, smartphones including Windows wp8, touch screens etc..
The arrows and slide indication can be removed if not required.


v2.0 - 13th January 2014
Updated to add a thumbnail panel overlay with selectable images to jump to any image in the set. Overlay and thumbnails size and positions controlled in stylesheet. New jQuery 'Photon' script download.
v1.0 - 7th January 2014
Initial version

Further examples


The jQuery and basic stylesheet can be downloaded free of charge.
This will have the 'Photon' link overlay in the top left of each slideshow.

A 'commercial' version without 'Photon' link overlay can be obtained by making a one off payment of £15 GBP using the Paypal button and then contacting me by email.


Please consider making a donation to support this project.
Every little helps and is much appreciated.