jQuery slideshow plugin


A slim (11KB) jQuery plugin suitable for all the latest browsers, operating systems and devices including IE11, Windows mobiles and touchpad laptops.

Using CSS for animation with hardware acceleration when available, and having all controls available for customizing using CSS.


Swipe action

For both touch and mouse.
This can be set as required using the easy setup parameters.

Background images

The large images and thumbnail images are, by default, background images which can be styled using CSS to cover, contain or be actual size.
The apect ratio of these images is controlled using CSS.


The slideshow is naturally responsive because the image aspect ratio is setup as a percentage of the screen width.


This can be any combination of previous/next arrows, bullets and thumbanil images. All are available to style using CSS and all can be placed off the images if required.


The easy to set up parameters include the ablity to set the slideshow to loop when reaching the last or first image. The additional code required is created within Mi_Thumb.

Auto running

Mi_Thumb parameters include auto running which can be set to any delay between slides, and also have a play/pause control if required.

Multi Slides

Easy to set up multiple slideshows on each page, all with their own parameters.


There are three callback functions that can be accessed to give additional customization of the slideshow.

Free to use

Mi_Thumb is free to use. All I ask is that you respect the copyright comments. Donations are always welcome and help to keep this site up and running.


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